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Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Large LED Screen, ECO Mode, Baby Monitor With Camera, support Multi-Camera, Two Way Talk Audio Night Vision Built-in Lullabies by Habikox

Hello today I want to share with you some of the favourite baby product that is needful for you and your baby

The video Baby Monitor is one among the most important product to ensure that you source and paid for among the many things that you are selecting for your baby. I looked at the product carefully to identify its quality excessively. I make a note of my findings to help you and save you some time.

The product has a superior video and sound quality. With this enhanced 2.4GHZ wireless technology it is said that the Monitor’s baby safety Digital Camera gives crystal clear pictures and video sound within a range of as much as nine hundred feet where there is no barrier to disrupt the signal.

Ensure to buy this one

Two-Way Audio

There is a two-way audio signal system in the monitor that detects sounds from both baby and parents. While the baby is in his room parents can see him hears his cries and coos and be able to talk to baby or sing to baby while in their separate apartment.

Although not being able to rock your baby to sleep you can train your baby to sing him to sleep, while at the same time you are comfortable as you can look at your baby from the distance where you are and ensure he is safe.

Whether it is day or night, the monitor is including automatic Night vision. That allows you to see your baby’s activity without having to switch a light on in his room to disturb his sleep as bright light often affects or disrupt baby’s sleep.

Echo Mode

Helps you know your baby’s condition. The screen lights turn off in silence and turn on at the slightest sound as the Camera detects any sounds in its limit.

The Monitor has a one hundred per cent guarantee satisfaction. The company only delivers the best baby video monitor with Camara to its customers. Each baby Monitor comes with a one year warranty giving you a risk-free purchase. However, should in case there is any failure or defect do not delay to contact the distributor immediately via email.

Having a baby monitor is a wise choice as you will always have some house chores to be done with a baby monitor you can be doing some work and ensuring safety for your baby at the same time.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle (Black and Silver, Cotton Mix)

The Bjorn Baby carrier is excellent support for your lower back; the comfortable waist belt distributes pressure away from your shoulders. You may carry your baby in front of you facing inward or outward. The Baby Carrier builders make the designed with your baby in mind. It is free from any harmful substance. Safe for you and your baby. While you are close to each other. The baby carrier allows you to have the freedom of your both hands. There is no need to seek for someone to hold your baby to let you use your hands for any reason, a baby carrier gives you the freedom of your both hand; you can always carry  your baby and open a door or remove your clothes to ease yourself while you are taking your baby for security reasons.

Cybex Sirona M2 l-size incl. Base M, Car Seat, Graphite Black and Dark Grey

cybex Gold Pallas S-Fix Car Seat, Group 1/2/3, Lavastone Black


The rearward of this Baby Car Seat facing up to 105 cm, Approx. Four years Alternatively forward facing from sixteen months and seventy-six centimetres

It has an integrated L.s.p. system and a one hand recline function, plus a click in the system to change the position. Hight adjustable headset.

Product Information

Technical Details

Model number                                    517000947

Item weight                                         14 KG

Product Dimension                             66 x 44 x 67 cm

Target gender                                     Unisex

Maximum Weight                               18 Kilograms

Additional product features   5-point_ seat_harnes; combination; Isofix

Number of items                                 1

Style                                                    Colour Collection 2019

Britax Romer KIDFIX II XP Group 2 / 3 R44/04 Child / Kids Car Seat Cosmos Black

GBP 119.00
Approximately US $152.40

Product Description

The Cybex Sirona is sturdy and of high-quality 1-size compliant extended rear facing Car Seat with innovative three sixty rotation mechanism- For children from birth up to four years. Approximately 105 centimetres.

Cybex Sirona is of maximum safety: with built-in side impact protection (LSP system) with energy – absorbing shell, Energy reduction technology to protect the child neck in forward-facing position, directional control

(DDC)- Easy-, back-friendly entry and exit with three sixty degrees rotation mechanism, removable newborn insert, height adjustable headset. (12 positions)One-hand seat adjustment five backwards three forwards, practical belt holders-easy one-click installation with ISOFIX, back facing size of up to 105 centimetres (approx.

Four years), optionally forward facing from sixteen months and size of seventy-six centimetres. Optional accessories available: Summer cover, cup holder-contents: 1x Sirone S 1-size, including Newborn insert and ISOFIX installation aids, Cover material: 100% polyester, Dimension (L x W x H): 71 x 43 x 63 cm, weight: 15 kg Colour: Urban Black.

Britax Romer Dualflix Group 0+ 1 (Birth-18KG) Car Seat-Cosmos Black

Britax Römer FIRST CLASS PLUS Group 0+/1 (Birth-18kg) Car Seat - Cosmos Black


The Britax Romer has a three sixty degrees rotation providing a choice of rearward facing travel from birth-18Kg or forward facing from 9- 18Kg (9 months-4years) Superior side impact protection, performance chest pads and pivot link system.

Newborn insert included – providing additional comfort and support: height adjustable headset and single-handed adjustable harness Multi-position recline and quick removable cover.

Product Information. Technical Details.

Model Number               Dualfix

Item weight                     14.7Kg

Product Dimension           63 x 45 x 53 cm

Target Gender                  Unisex

Maximum Weight              18 kilograms

Additional product features    5-point_seat_harnes; combination; Isofix

Number of item                    1

Style                                      Car Seat

Is it Portable                           Yes

Product Description

The Dualfix combines eye-catching design with state of the art safety technology. Its three sixty degrees rotation means that parents can choose when to switch the child from rearward to forward facing. It has a host of safety features to ensure a safe journey from newborn to four year


Car seat group 1/2/3 Kg 9-36 Pallas M-Fix Autumn Gold Burnt Red Cybex

GBP 344.99
Approximately US $441.83

Here you have the option to compare and contrast these two Car Seats to decide which one of them will do you a better service. They are both excellent; it would be unnecessary for you to buy both Car Seats. However, it is in your favour to compare the two product and make your choice. Or maybe your friend is also expecting You both could compare the products and ensure to place your order soon.

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  1. Preparing for a baby can be a really tedious process especially if you are first time parents, having the essentials is very important to ensure that your child comes into the world comfortably. i enjoyed reading your posts because i know a lot of first time expecting parents who would be grateful to get some of these items and now i know exactly what to get them, Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Jamiro; thanks for your comment. It is us parents responsibility to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our babies. I hope that those who need the information will find my post to get the information that they need.

      Thank you 


  2. Hey Dorcas,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “Popular Baby Products” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. I’m planning to buy the Baby Video Monitor as its well within my budget, however I have a question which I must ask. Can you check for me if this product is available on Amazon US? 

    Thanks in advance for answering my question. Keep up the good work Dorcas! 

    1. Hi AV 2001; thanks for your comment. The Baby Video Monitor is available on Amazon. The image below the welcome picture is a bit blurry Click the call to order below it will take you to the Baby Video Monitor page on Amazon.

  3. The monitors and the two ways radio  I’do Agee with you it is a must have for the kids . security being one of them for those who have nannies you can always check what is she doing with the  baby  nannies of these days I am sorry to say they can’t be trusted with babies so security of the baby is number one priority all the orthers functions follow.

    1. Hi Charles; thanks for your comment. You are so right some Nannies cannot be trusted. I have seen some Nannies behaviours that make me wonder if they are insane. Having a Video Baby Monitor will fix that doubt. 

      It is the responsibility of every parent/s to ensure the security of their babies; a Video Baby Monitor is a good fit for doing that. 


  4. Baby products are one of the most sought after products in the market. Baby monitors for example has recently been a major sought after baby product because of the uses. Like my country, baby monitors are now a major request in the market as ut helps parents monitor their babies when they are not in the room. 

    1. Hi Dhayours; thanks for your comment. I realised that Baby Monitors are necessary for parents to buy for help in their baby’s security, and to allow parents some ease from having to keep the baby at their side all the time.

       With a Video Baby Monitor, Parents can now be in another area of the home attending to something else while watching baby from a distance.


  5. My daughter is expecting her first child and I’m glad I ran across your article on popular baby products. I have been wondering what to get my grandchild when he or she is born and you gave me a perfect idea. A baby monitor. It’s amazing how we can look after our children these days. It gives me a sense of relief that we can now see and hear the child throughout the night. I will be getting one of these Habikox monitors for my future grandchild. 

    1. Hi Cory; thanks for your comment. And congratulation to becoming a grandparent. I fancy the Video Baby monitor more than anything else that when searching for images for the article. 

      I choose it because I love it and I believe that it will be a good buy for many parents. Do remember to share the post with some friends and loved ones, they may find something useful for their baby.

      Thank you again.


  6. You save my life! I have a baby shower that I have to attend next month and I still have no clue what I should buy for the happy parents. I have no clue when it comes to baby stuff but if you can ask me about wines, I got you lol the baby monitor looks great and at the reasonable price that we can afford. I’ll let the happy parents get their own car seat. Will tell her to train her daughter by singing to her 😉 great review.

    1. Hi Nuttanee; thanks for your comment. I hope that you will buy your Baby Video Monitor via my website from Amazon for your pending baby shower. Ans share the post with your friends and love ones. 

      Thanks again


  7. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post. This is a must read for every woman and every lady wishing to have a kid of her own. All this products are really essential for our babies . I will strongly share this post to women and ladies to read this and know the best product for their babies.

    1. Hi Lok Which; thanks for your comment. I wish that everyone who reads this post will take the bold step and share it with their friends and loved ones. As many time parents would buy some necessary stuff for their kids if they know about their existence


  8. Hi there, the Baby Bjorn carrier is an excellent baby carrier and I have used those and loved them over the years. They are perfect to carry around little ones without having to worry about pushing a pram around. The baby monitor you’ve reviewed here sounds like an excellent one and I like the idea of it being a two way device so that baby can also hear soothing voices and singing. Thanks for your reviews. 

    1. Hi Melissa; thanks for your comment. I am happy that you have proven the quality of this Bjorn baby Carrier and can attest to the fact that it is excellent.

      If I am to have another Baby, nothing could stop me from buying one of that Baby Monitors to check on my baby. Thanks again


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