Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Cotton is a traditional product in the Garment Industry. Long before the world became civilised, Cotton was used by acient people such as the Arrowacks, to make clothing.

There was no separation with who were eligible to wear clothes made from cotton. The babies were among those who wore the Organic material unknowingly.

According to the West Indian History, Harvested Cotton Pulp was by the men, the seed removed by the women and children.

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After which the Cotton fluffy seedless Pulp was dipped in Annotto and Indigo to give the cotton a bright red Annotto colour or a bright Blue Indigo colour.

The Indians were lovers of bright Colours. Once dipped into the liquid substance the Cotton would be placed into a ”Cotocu Basket” and hanged in the sun to drip dry.

When the dye Cotton is dry, the women would remove the cotton and wove it into clothes according to the size of the person who will wear the garment.

Newborn Babies Organic Cotton Clothes were woven to cover the entire body as they were considered to be delicate and need the protection of their skin from the breeze.

Although these early folks were not versed in the sense of reading and writing; they have left behind an incredible foundation of ethical principle, that if were followed by generations after them.

By now, the world would be worry-free. The early people routine practices Have safeguarded the environment for us without them being able to read and write.

It is of importance that we start somewhere. Buying Organic Cotton Baby Clothes is one of the ways that we can begin to move in the right direction.

For too long, we have down-talk about our ancestors and have down-look upon their rich tradition in their behavioural pattern. All because they were not as fortunate as we are to be able to read and write.

Yes, while I know that it is a high value to be able to read and write and I respect the fact that the world has moved into a high standard of learning.

However, isn’t it a fact that our general behaviour is testifying against our intellectual ability? To begin with, the way we treat our environment, are we a learned people?

I still believe that we should revisit and take from the little information that is available about our ancestors that will help us to show some form of the worthiness of the fact that we can read and write.

Is There Other Organic Baby Clothes?

Yes, we made some other Organic baby clothes from some other Organic Fabric such as Bamboo, Wheat, Ganja, to name a few.

However, for our ancestors, Cotton was the most natural plant fruit to be utilised into fabric because they needed no modern technology to make the Yarn.

Their straw basket was their focus machinery as much as a tree stump of varying sizes to shape the garment. Can we vision how educated and skilful these early people were?

If it were possible to have them among us in these days, would we use them in our skill training institutions? Would we publicly extract some knowledge from these early people?


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Would you believe, if these early people were among us with the technology of the day and their skill and method of application that the world, in general, would be an enchanted ground? I wish!!!

Name Organic Fabric

People using Hemp into making fabric is on the rise, some folks would prefer to buy organic hemp baby clothes than any other organic baby clothes that are available on the market these days.

Because of the love for ganja from which hemp came, you can know now that the environment will get ease from abuse by many who use to be environmental abusers.

Given the opportunity, some folks will not only buy Organic Ganga or hemp baby clothes, but they will buy for their baby and Kids everything that they can find that comes from the substance.

Some people might not believe me on this one, but it is another truth. Wheat is another Organic product. This one is a staple that is widely consumed by people the world over.

Babies also consume the staple. However, wheat has found itself among Organic fabric. The wheat fabric is doing well in the production of Clothing including Organic Baby Clothes.

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Among the favourite Organic fabric that is booming in the markets these days. Are some of the most elegant clothing that is fashioned from Organic Bamboo Fabric. The Bamboo is into general production.

Bamboo is now trending in many factories. Producing all kinds of fancy stuff including Organic Bamboo Baby Clothes.

I will challenge you in this post never to be surprised if the next Motor Car that you research to buy is made from the Organic trending material, Bamboo!!!

Organic Clothes Healthy?

Organic Clothes got to be healthy, in the same way, that organic waste is fit for the environment, you will understand that anything that is Organic will also be healthy for you.

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Be advised that Organic stuff is refined into finished products by skilful individuals with the use of less harmful technology.

While asking these question you should begin to try out some of the organic stuff for yourself and your family. When doing so, you could secure an area in your backyard to prove for yourself how safe is the Organic item that you buy.

The place that you secure should be in the soil. For an example, you could dig a hole at about three feet deep. To get the circumference, you may plant a poll in the centre of the tunnel.

Allowing three feet from the base, tie a string three feet long at the top of the poll, stretch it across make a mark, then move the line in a circle back to the target.

And that should give you the circumference. Now you need to put all of your old Organic stuff inside that hole and watch it for yourself.

You will see how long it takes to dissolve. Remember to make a note of the time when you begin to use the hole. As also each time that you dump something into the hole.

The exercise is the research that will serve in the long run for you and your generation to come. You should keep a log on all the occurrences.

It will be food for thought throughout your generation. Have fun doing the exercise.

 Environment And Baby Clothes

The environment continues to suffer tremendously from careless individuals who unthinkingly will throw or drop their baby wear -left anywhere.

These kinds are found all over the globe; they have no regard for the environment, the law nor the citizens of the community that they all occupy.

Baby Clothes that are no longer in use is to discard of as any other item of garbage; Baby refused do carry germs as much as anything else that is garbage.

Therefore baby refused has its place in the garbage as any garbage of the household. Baby Diapers takes many years to break down and dissolve into the soil just like anything that is made from like material.

Therefore, because baby waste is considered harmful as anything that is harmful we should take care of how we discard of our baby waste, be reminded that some baby diapers contain faeces, which carries a high amount of bacteria.

Waste matter is something that you would not keep in your home, why should you want to drop it carelessly anywhere in the community? Plain talk. I call you nasty!!!

Cleanup the mess. Organic or no organic, keep the environment clean where everyone will access clean, fresh air to breathe. Do not provoke the peace of your fellow men and women Boys and girls with your offensive conduct.

Get busy now, clean up your mess. Your mess is breading flies — cockroaches, Rodents and stink odour. You are violating the order and peace of the community; it is time you clean up your dirty attitude, make a change.

Not because you are buying Organic Cotton Baby Clothes that will not give you right to discard of the waste carelessly.


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In my conclusion, I want to remind you to take good care of the environment by using the things that are environmentally friendly. Dispose of your garbage in the proper manner.

By treating all garbage as disposable waste. Encourage your children, siblings friends and fellow citizens of your community to take better care of the environment.

By keeping your environment clean you are making it safe for yourself your family and for others. A clean healthy environment is safe for people to live, work, do business and raise their families.

Allow yourself to become an advocate of positive change in the environment. When you buy Organic Cotton Baby Clothes you have made a start in the right direction.

However, the finish will be more accepted when you do a great finish by putting the worn out Organic Cotton Baby Clothes into the garbage.

You are on this page until now. meaning that you have gained some new knowledge from reading the article. Please feel free to ask your questions and leave your comment in the comment section below.

I will respond to you as soon as possible Thanks.



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