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Let us look at some of the things that are needed for a baby from birth preparation onward. When you are considering making a list of the things that you need for your baby it is not something that you can do in a hurry.

Because no matter how expert you believe that you are, you will not be able to come up with all the necessary things all at once.

Having all of this knowledge in place let us now look at some of the things that comprise the baby receivers.

Baby towels are needed, soft baby rags or wash clothes, Receiver shirts or blouse, receiver Diapers: organic disposable or Organic Clothe washable diapers.

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Receiver Socks, Baby Cradle or soft baby bed, Baby blankets and baby pillow These are a few essentials that comprise baby receivers.

Baby Cradle or Bed

The baby Cradle is made available at baby stores or shops; they are made up with comfortable, safe fillings that will keep your newborn baby safe warm and comfortable. The baby cradles can be on the bed with the mother for easy access as the mother will not be able to overlay her baby in the Cradle.

If it is a bed provided for the baby, it should be separate from mom’s bed to ensure prevention of the possibility that the mother can overlay her baby while sleeping. The cradle should be covered with a net to prevent any flying insect from biting the baby.

Caring for your baby is one critical aspect of your baby’s life. As caring for your baby requires much tenderness love and understanding of the application. The comfort of your arms should be parallel to the lush feelings and safety that your baby receives from laying in the Cradle.

Because a newborn baby will sleep most of the time, it is best to allow your baby to stay in the Cradle as opposed to your arms. You can watch your baby while sleeping and make yourself available for a wake-up time.

Baby soap Body Wash

There are many brands of baby soap and Splash that are safe for baby use these you can choose from for your baby. You should wash your baby’s skin with baby bath soap or baby bath splash; these are mild for use on a baby.

However, should in case you see any sign of rash that could cause from the soap that you use, you should discontinue using that brand. As some skin is sensitive to some soap almost everything. You should not keep your newborn baby for an extended period in the water while bathing. Some baby cries a lot when soaking.

You should be courageous and sing songs to your baby during this time. Your baby might be delighted to hear you sing and stop from crying. You should also talk to your baby during the cry of discomfort, listening to your voice could prevent the baby from crying.

Bathing exercise for a newborn baby should be as brief as possible. You should ensure to towel dry your baby’s head /hair and skin properly before applying any powder or oil to the baby’s skin.

Mothers and babysitters should avoid using strongly scented cologne when having to care for the baby as strong sent can trigger off sneezing in your baby. Have you ever look into those innocent eyes, while they shed the tears?

If there is something that you can do to stop baby dissatisfaction, you will do it. Would you not? Even when you know that the baby is not hurting in any way, however, baby shows sign of discomfort when crying with that innocent look.

You can make some sound that will chare your baby by the sounds that you make a crying baby can change into a laughing baby

Baby Food

Baby food is special. Whether you breastfed or formula bottle fed your baby, ensure that proper hygiene is observed. The breast and nipples should be clean before inserting into your baby’s mouth. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid dusting powder between and under her chest.

As also spraying cologne onto her breast. Baby bottles should be washed after each meal and turn upside down for any water remaining to run out leaving the bottle dry.

Baby feeding bottle nipples should be sterilised regularly by boiling into a closed pot. You should ensure that your baby’s formula is at room temperature before feeding to your baby.

Always remember to hold your baby in on upright position after feeding until your baby burp. Or rest baby on your shoulder while using your hand to massage the back of your baby for the exercise.

If your baby is breastfed, you will not need to feed water to your baby, but if Formula bottle fed you are to supply water to your baby at least two times a day.

Baby entertainment


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You can entertain your baby in several ways that will enhance your baby’s healthy growth and fitness. Ensure to give your baby an early morning walk each day.

There are baby clothes that are made to cover all of your babies at once. These are complete with a hood to pull over the head.

While you fit your baby into one of these outfits depending on the weather you should wrap up your baby into the baby towel or blanket for the walk, ensure that baby head is covered and baby is fitted in socks.

All ready for the walk. It is possible that the comfort of walking out your baby will enhance sleep, don’t worry, that is normal. And of course, newborn babies need a lot of rest.

Entertain your baby with all kinds of baby decoration in the baby’s room ensure that the things that you use to decorate are interesting baby things. Add some sounds or music to your baby’s environment.

There are some squeaky toys that you can squees at times to your baby. There are also games that are cartooned to match your baby’s age, whatever you choose, to ensure that your baby is entertained while not asleep.

Lighting For Baby

Keep in mind that your baby’ eyes are most important to the wellbeing of your baby. You should not jeopardise the benefits of your baby’s eyes with lights that are too bright.

Keep the lights in your baby’s environment on Dimmer. Light colour, White or Amber. Never leave your baby in total darkness, Baby will hate you for that. The sunlight is right for your baby. Keep windows in baby’s room open during the day if possible

Baby Transportation

After three months we no longer consider the baby to be newborn. Although the preparation for the baby never diminish we can now move to some stronger things for the baby that will include a stroller.

Now that baby has completed three months; baby has gained body mass, and mother’s arms are not so flexible as baby desired it to be. A Stroller will allow more movement while on a morning walk.

Baby can turn around the head and gaze at some things without mother’s adjustment. The Stroller ride gives a sense of independence to the baby as mother’s arms are not felt clutching securely around baby’s body. At this age juncture.

Baby Crib or PlayStation

All new mothers knew that as soon as the baby begins to sit, a baby will need to have a play area? A baby’s Crib will work perfectly fine as well as a playpen. You could decorate your baby’s playpen/crib with some hanging decoration that has bright colours.

The colours will excite the baby to want to touch them; these will help baby’s movement to be more accurate. Some of those decorations should have tinkling sound so that when moved by the Breeze they give off the music that will capture the baby’s attention, causing the desire to move toward the sound.

You will notice that the baby will begin crawling inside of the play area. After crawling for a short time, a baby will begin to hold on to the rail of the playpen and try to stand. You should commend baby for making such an effort when you see the move your baby is making.

It is possible for your baby to fall several times while trying to stand, never be alarmed, baby won’t suffer any hurt in the PlayStation. Before any period, you will see your baby standing inside of the PlayStation or crib while holding on.

Because the baby has not yet built up enough courage to let go. However, as soon as baby gain courage to let go baby will be standing alone and making an attempt to step off. These are joyful moments of fulfilment for both you and your baby.

You should reward your baby for making the bold effort. Encouraged your baby the energy will ignite your baby to continue making an effort, your baby will start to make a step in no time. And from taking actions within the secured environment of the Playstation, your baby will no doubt begin to walk within a short space of time without hurting at the many times baby fell in the process to step.

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