Everything Needed For Baby

Many Things Needed

There are many things that are needed for a baby that we can timely search for and source from many online Affiliate shops all across the world. In today’s article, I want to search for and identify some essential baby stuff that is available in these shops for shoppers to buy online.

Although we think that the world is big yet there is the likely congestion of everything that is needful for our comfort and that of our family members in easy reach once we are connected on the Internet. Allowing us easy access to everything that is needed for our baby.

Some Must Have

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There are some things that are believed to be must have, some of these items are necessary for the comfort growth and development of our baby while there are some of what we consider must have that are more an eye catcher than a needed benefit. Everything needed for a baby includes a Crib.

It is unwise to have a baby crawling all about the house on the floor while there is furniture in the house. What if the baby holds on to something that toppled over on him? Even when you are watching him if he is allowed to crawl about the room he can crawl himself into danger. a Crib is an answer for protection to an active thriving baby.

While the crib is necessary there are some other things that comprise everything for a baby that we sometimes do not see on a hurry and we forget about them, but they are essential things and by doing some other things we sometimes stumbled upon them.

Human Milk Selling

Mind you today, I stumbled upon something that I was a bit startled about. I am not sure if anyone would consider buying such an item for their baby. I would not. However, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion or decision.

This is what I stumbled on, while I am typing this post, a pop up with a box of human milk pops up on the right side of my desktop in the form of an advertisement. My question is: would you find it necessary to buy a box of human Milk for your baby?

From the vast array of items that are available everywhere for baby shoppers can buy all that will fill their necessary needs and do not have to include anything that is provocative one way or the other.

Babies are innocent people, it is the parents who make decisions for their babies on every single thing that affects the baby. Therefore we cannot over emphasised on the things that are geared for our baby’s safety.

Some things might not show as dangerous at the onset, but further on in life, the dangers will show up. These give to us more understanding of the care that we should invest when selecting items for our babies.

Some Toys Are Dangerous

Take for an example the toys that are available in their numbers. Some of them are teaching toys. but not everything that some Toys will teach will be accepted by all parents for their child, here is where careful observation is necessary. You will not pick up a toy and know what ist teaching is like until you spend the time to search it out.

The makers of each product consider the product to be good and helpful to every child the danger lies within the messages that will be transferred to the mind of an innocent child and how the child mind will utilize the information received. Care has to be taken in these critical areas of our baby’s life.

look at these simple things that we pay attention to when we are shopping for them why not the toys: The nursing Bra that baby mommy’s wears to breast baby. Breast pump mommy uses to extract milk for the baby to drink.

Baby nursing pillow, Baby Burp Cloth Baby Diaper bag Baby bottle brush and the list go on. Much care is given to all of these. Why not the things that can affect the mind. We have to admit that the mind is the Data Base of the total body.

If the Data Base is not protected there could be some serious catastrophe in the long run when all of the offensive indecent and corrupt entries group and explode the Data Base which is the mind; what will be left to that individual to carry on living in a decent way?

These thoughtless choices are maturing rapidly in the lives of the younger generation. Parents today as well as parents to come must find a way to correct the issue if not for themselves for their children and their generation to come.

All over the world the ill-effect of mind early contamination is playing out. Mind you, as you all know, it is scary. It will not matter what phase of life you are; you might as well admit the fact. People are scared, the younger generation conduct, behaviour, and most of them input to the society have folks Scared.

The truth of all this it is not their fault. Those who have implemented Toys and those who support the implementation and distribution to the innocent minds are responsible including parents who never spend time doing due diligence when choosing toys for their kids and babies.

Everything needed for baby does not mean all things that are available for baby. There are many things that are available for the baby that but are not good for the baby. Therefore it is not needed. However, should such things ended up in the baby’s collection, it could never be the baby’s fault nor craftiness.

An adult got to be blame for the displacement. Not the child, you might notice that the bad things that a baby is exposed to are faster learned than the good things that are thought to them, no sweat, it is natural.

Giving a reason for parents Guardians and baby Sitters to be alert about the things that are available for babies versus the things that are needed for babies. Take the head as to how they can save the next generation from early mind (database) pollution.

And help in building a world of decent moral practice and behaviour. While not saying it is an easy task, all people who have a desire to see a sense of decency all around them will agree and share in the effort in whatever way that they can to redeem high moral standard in the society among the younger generation.

We are all responsible to ensure that there is transparency as to the quality of moral value that is in the next little Toy gift that we buy for the special baby who we admired so much. We need to be certain of what message such gift can send to the innocent mind of that baby and how will impact on him in years to come.

Don’t buy the wrong toy

I find it much easier and safer not to buy that baby who I admired a Toy than to buy him a Toy that will send a negative message to his mind that will stay there and germinate and multiply into many negative attitudes and conduct by the time he reaches adolescence where his life begins to take shape.

What type of education will a baby achieve from an educational Toy? Shouldn’t I as an adult with good moral principles check the educational values before making a purchase? Do I consider all available education to be good enough for a young mind?

No, I don’t. Too many Toys that we supply to our baby,s are pointing to haterade and violence. Too many Toys are the mini weapon of mass destruction. Parents, Guardians, members of communities, Wake up!!! Stop taking things for granted. We together can make a change!

Do parents of the day really Love their baby’s? Or are we understanding love out of context? Is it a normal thing to give the hype of shopping president over true values and moral principles? We would better off not sleeping on this one too late.

Everything needed for baby versus everything available for baby. Next time you are preparing your baby shopping list try and remember to compare and contrast these two phrases: Everything needed for baby and Everything available for baby.

By doing so you might no doubt get a full understanding of what I am trying to get across to you before you spend your hard earned money to your own sorrow in future years of your life. You will need to buy a comfortable Car for yourself that you can fit your baby Car Seat into comfortable.

Types Of Music

While you are driving with your baby strap into his Car Seat inside of your car, The music that you are playing for yourself as an adult your baby is hearing there are neurons that are taking the message to the Data Base of his mind to manufacture while he is growing you should ensure that you are not installing any negativity in the young mind of your baby.

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It will burst into maturity as he grows. If you are here until now Something interest you. Please leave a comment or question below. I will reply.

Published by Dorcas Whyte

I am a Passionat Writer, one that is attracted to helping people whith all written content of this website. I am easy to get along with, I am not easily provoked. I speak my mind without reservation. I am fun-loving. I laugh to keep my cool.

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  1. I found your post to be very thought provoking.  I came into it thinking it would be a check list of all the things one might need for a better…but came away asking myself to think more critically about want versus need.  As parents we are inclined to always give our children everything they want, and this ultimately can corrupt the child.  It’s better to consider what the child really needs – food, love, protection some education toys.

    Very interesting article and perspective.  And while I don’t agree with everything you said (I don’t think that toys are inherently violent…and if parents are  there to teach them, then there isn’t a problem), but a lot of what you said feel right and got me thinking.

    As parents I think one of our most important roles is to protect their innocents for as long as possible.  They will be adults soon enough and see the world for all the good and evil in it.


    1. Hi KMV; thanks for your comment. I do not mean that all toys are violent. No. I have come across some though. That is my reason for writing in this tone. 

      The violent or evil is not easily identify. You will have to spend time with the Toy to identify what is there in it to contaminate the mind.

       Sad to say this but some parents have not a clue as to what is good from what is bad. Therefore I take the initiative to point out that Everything needed for baby is different from everything that is available for baby.

  2. I love the baby cots they undoubtedly very beautiful to have for my newborn baby. Even the colour is also very beautiful I think those cots I would buy without thinking twice. Now you brought up Avery interesting topic of human milk on shelves of the shops. 

    The subject of human breast milk, it can be debatable. There must be a reason why you need to buy the human breast milk. If there is an alternative to buying it, you can be a Father who has been left with toddler  after the mothers has conceived she dies , that might be a good reason, but the question is can I get an alternative to that and still my baby be healthy, if I can work then for me I won’t go for mother’s milk on the shop.

    1. Hi Charles39; thanks for your comment. The baby’s crib is indeed beautiful. I never even think of such a product on sale. However, I will restate the fact that not everything needed for a baby does not mean everything that is available for baby.

        Even when a mother dies in childbearing or afterwards leaving the baby to the father, there will always be alternatives that a father can source for a motherless baby. I would not recommend any human breast milk. That is High risk.

      I had mastitis in my breast and could breastfeed my boy; I implement healthy alternatives for him, he is now grown to hold a masters degree in mechanical engineering. He cannot be more robust. 

  3. This list is amazing for a new mom to be. I will share your post to my friends, they are having a baby in a few months. I am going to auntie and get to spoil them how exciting!! It’s funny you brought up that human breast milk, I saw that on the morning news. In my opinion, feeding your baby the milk from an unknown person is a little scary for me. The nutrients might be perfect for the baby but what if that person uses drugs? Or could be suffering from an unknown decease that even the person isn’t aware of it? I get it back in the days we have a wet nurse and all. If you ask me I choose formula any day. Great article.

    1. Hi Nuttanee; thanks for your comment. Please do share my post. I was a bit surprised to see such a pop up alongside me while I type today.

       It had not dawned on me that such a commodity as human milk would reach the shop shelves. Then if you saw it in the news, that means that it might be popular in the market place.

      With the widespread of HIV and Aids diseases I would not recommend human Breast milk to anyone to feed to their baby for any reason whatsoever. There are many healthy alternatives for babies on the shop shelves and that you can prepare from your kitchen.


  4. I am now a grandfather and my experience might be rather dated but, one thing that has not changed is that there is no user manual issued when baby arrives. One really has to access everything that you do or buy to make sure that you provide your baby with the best you can and that is not necessarily “everything” you think you need.

    Nowadays, there are really some wonderfully practical items for baby care. In particular, the adjustable crib that converts into a seat. I thought this was a wonderful idea that is practical and functional. I was, however, surprised by the human breast milk. 

    I would be hesitant to buy that for my baby but then, it’s a new era and things change.  It would sure make this easier if there was a user manual! 

    My nephew and his wife are expecting their first and I really like your crib. It sure will be my first choice.



    1. Hi Byran; thanks for your comment. There is, in fact, no user manual available for parents to use as a guide to buying things for their baby. 

      Parents will have to know what is best for their baby and ensure that they do not contribute in any way to the contamination of their babies innocent mind.


  5. Hello Dorcas, You hit on so many important points when it comes to what we allow our babies to come into contact with. I will remember your phrase next time I go shopping for my daughter. What she needs versus what is available. The latter will surely outnumber the former. 

    I believe parents have to be present to filter the world for their children. By that I mean explain to them parts of the world that, try as they might, may not be able to keep from their children’s eyes and ears. 

    Thank you for your great post, 


    1. Hi Jose, thanks for thanking me. I thank you for your comment on my post, it means so much to me. I am happy to know that you understand I want help to fight the many evils that are imposed upon our the young minds of our children in such crafty ways. 

      Without Parents realise what is happening and take steps to curve it our children stand in jeopardy.


  6. You make some very good points about the difference between what a baby needs and what is available for a baby. I agree that it is very important to purchase items that will keep our children safe in both their minds and their bodies. 

    It is interesting that human milk is available for purchase. I can see how it might help in some cases. In my area, there is a problem with drug addiction and I think babies are not able to have milk from their own mothers.

    I like the adjustable seat that you share in the beginning of you article. They didn’t have anything like that when my babies are little. Maybe my grandchildren will be able to benefit from this.

    Thank you for the helpful information about what babies need. 

    1. Hi Theresa; thanks for your comment. it is important for parents and baby lovers to know the difference with Everything needed for baby and Everything Available for baby.

       There might be some things available for a baby that is not advisable good for the baby. We must protect the young minds. I admit that I was startled when I saw the popup on my desktop while I type this post. 

      I had to mentioned it in the post. One of my commentators said she saw it on a news this morning. Maybe in days of old, it was safe as well as economical but now? I would not advise my enemy to support a product of such nature.


  7. I can tell you feel passionately about babies, trust me, I can definitely tell. I think necessities also depend on the parent and their home. We didn’t need a lot of things that were recommended to us and ended up picking up stuff along the way that did end up being a necessity. I like your passion and feel you really do care about children and their well-being. 

    1. Hi Janice; thanks for your comment. It is a fact that I am passionate about babies. I love them I want the next generation who will be taking over when we are gone to be better contributors to the moral standard of life than and the society than we were able to contribute.


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